The Sonos Amp is the best part of my audio setup

Jan 7, 2023
I'd rather have the SVS Soundbase Prime and have more options. Though I'd rather have the likes of the SVS with a real surround decoder, a third channel Amp for a real center channel, preamp out for surround or wireless and then they can sell a receiver Amp for the surround channels. Could even make it like the OSD wireless kit and put the sub out in the receiver along with surround speaker outputs.

Then all you need is an IR input on the back or a BT remote. Then you can mount it behind the TV or somewhere else out of the way. Right now the installer market has crap solutions that are either 2 channel, 3 channel matrix or 3 channel Dolby digital. Yet the first two have lackluster sound quality and no real DD/DTS along with suspect build quality. The latter can't autonsense inputs which makes adding a CCA/ap2 type device lackluster. And also suspect quality.

So if I can't get that, I'd rather have a Pioneer Elite receiver with all the contectivity, proper channels and all.

All these two channel amps with HDMI are annoying. Give me the third channel for a proper front 3. Then you'd also recreate a market for the LCR passive soundbars. And a proper consumer version of this Amp would also kills the sales of the overpriced under quality installer amps like the SnapAV Episode or the Phase Technology mini amps.
Mar 1, 2023
While I love my Sonos ecosystem, $700 is way to expensive to listen to my turntable through my Sonos. Instead, it is pretty easy to configure a tiny Raspberry Pi to 'cast the turntable to all of my Sonos system. The whole thing cost about $75, works flawlessly, and sounds amazing. Sonos even switches over to the turntable automatically when the needle drops. I've now done the same procedure with my main desktop Windows PC so that my computer speakers are sync'ed with Sonos for $0.00. Here's a tutorial if interested:
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