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Jan 6, 2017
Hey all,

Went to help a neighbor out with their Windows 8 machine today and it turns out they fell for a scam. They allowed a stranger to remote in and 'fix' their PC, then it started running poorly.

Today I went in, disabled internet access and removed the programs the malicious person downloaded but when I restarted the computer I was greeted with a password prompt.

Apparently they set a syskey and now I can't get into the machine. Can't do anything in the recovery environment because thanks to the scammer, I don't have permission to reset, system restore or use the command prompt.

How can I remove the syskey and get into the machine without sacrificing my neighbor's files? Awhile back I used a program that can be used to reset any password on a machine, would that work?

Any help is appreciated

Not open for further replies.