Solved! The YouTube app in my non-Android Sharp Aquos LC-32LE375X smart TV isn't working - any fixes?

Mar 8, 2021
There's something wrong with the built-in YouTube app in our non-Android Aquos smart TV...
Model number is LC-32LE375X

I've checked the wifi internet connection, it's okay (modem, its settings and all).

I repeated "initial setup" even but still YouTube doesn't show up when the "YouTube" button on the remote is pressed.

Auto-update for the TV's software is set to "On" so the TV's software is updated... Hardware-wise, the TV is working properly...

Any idea what's the problem?
Best thing is to grab an Amazon Fire stick and use that with the TV. When these sets break there is very little support for them. A generic Android TV box would also work.