Thinkiing of wrapping copper wire around heat sinks tubes?


Aug 14, 2012
I picked up an Acer V5-561G-6407 just for shits and giggles I want to see how far I can take it.

So far I can play DOTA2, DARK SOULS 2 maxed out fps I can deal with though the Wifi lag is an issue... Though I'm so used to a 40" screen... But this will do when Im going on a trip and need an hour or two of gaming time.

I added a spare 128GB SSD from my desktop, and maxed the memory out at 16G's. I dont care about the battery since Id have this thing plugged in unless I was on an airplane...

OK... I took it apart to replace the heatsink compound with some Gelid Extreme grease I had from my last desktop build. Anyways it worked , took max 78/80c to max 70/72c running SETI@HOME at full load... and my games DOTA2 and DARK SOULS 2.. hitting 70c... FYI this is in HAWAII so 85f is outside temps!!!! I got no A/C. (idle btw is 40-44c)

Anyways as I was putting back together I was thinking there is space on those copper tubes... Let me back up a little... The heatsinks for the both the CPU and AMD R7 265 are all 1 peice... Also the CPU and Graphics are both soldered on the motherboard... Anyways I was thinking of taking copper wire and wrapping it around the tubes to give it greater surface area. Copper wire is pretty cheap compared to buying copper sheets, but maybe I can use thin cut copper sheets from a hobby store???

So basically what I am asking does anyone think this would help cool things down more with extra surface area with wrapping the wire tightly around the those copper tubes? Id use some non conductive tape to cover any chips or circuits which the tubes "bridge over" but then again the copper facing the laptop casing I could rout it out...

Thanks for feedback!
Hi, I don't think it's a good idea, the reason you have the copper tubes, is to take the heat from the CPU and GPU and to circulate the heat in front of the fan to evacuate to the outside of the laptop. You don't want to keep the heat inside the laptop you want to get rid of it the quickest way.
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