Thinkpad R61 Motherboard/CPU Problem


Dec 7, 2013
Hi Guyz,

I have Thinkpad R61 15 inch laptop with Core2Duo T7100 1.8ghz(1798mhz) processor and Sandisk SSD. Few months ago, a problem is noticed that my system 1)Hangs at windows Logo. 2)If by chance startup and boot after several attempts, it goes into sleep mode or shutdown. It goes randomly into sleep mode when Lenovo POWER MANAGEMENT driver(Microsoft ACPI Embedded controller in Unknown devices) is installed, and goes shutdown if PM driver is not installed. Problem I found on PM driver installed is - in HWMONITOR, the cpu temp. reaches above 90 degree and clock reaches beyond 1.8ghz, i.e. 1995mhz. There's no overclock setting is available in bios. What I have tried:-
1) Replaced the CPU FAN (not solved)
2) Changed the from SSD to Mechanical Disk i.e. previous 320GB HDD (not solved)
3) Checked Mosfet of motherboard (not solved)
4) Update drivers and especially PM driver from official Website (not solved)
5) Installed fresh New Windows both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 (not solved)
6) Applied silver grease(thermal paste) over heat sink (Partially Solved)

Now at 6) it doesn't easily goes into sleep mode, but failed to pass Intel Burn Test with 1 time because cpu temp. is still reaching beyond 90 degree and clock reaching. After having so many testing on this issue, I am looking to pin point the problem and want to tap over the exact more tries. Is the CPU gone or VRM or other motherboard component? You can see the images and Video link and you will get to know what I'm saying. Atleast now after applying thermal paste, I'm able to write here on the forum.



Dec 7, 2013

Right. But still unable to find the resolution of the problem. Other than FAN and Heatsink, dunn know why CPU is getting higher clocks and temp. shoot. It is working without any problem but still the higher cpu temp and clocks can be noticed, and failed to pass IntelStressTest.
Thanks anyway :)
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