This definitely seems like a step in the wrong direction. I liked that I would get new notifications in the top panel and if I

Apr 20, 2018
This definitely seems like a step in the wrong direction. I liked that I would get new notifications in the top panel and if I swiped them away, the badge Icon would still show that I had an un-opened message. This was very useful because in situations where I was doing something and I couldn't check the new message right away, I would clear them because I still wanted to see if any other new notifications would come in after, the badge Icon would remind me to check later, if i forgot, when I had time to view or reply to that message.

This feature needs to be added back asap, it should be extremely simple for them to implement and it should be an option anyways for us to link or un-link the notification panel with the app badge icon.

Please consider giving us real badge notifications. If I have 5000
unread emails, I want to see the number 5000 over my gmail icon.
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