Solved! Which Brand is currently on top? I am at a loss and confused...

May 13, 2020
Hello There

I am curently looking to purchase a new laptop and have spent many many hours search for something that meets my needs and budget. I have hit a point where I have read all different things and I am at a loss and confused what to go for.

I am looking to spend no more than £1400 (£1500 at a maximum push) and I have wittled it down to 4 brands, with fairly similar specs. The brands in question are Lenovo Legion Y540 series, Dell G5 15 Series, HP Omen & ASUS ROG Strix & Zephyrus.

I would purchase the Lenovo or Dell direct due to big work perk savings and the other two would be from retailers.

After reading a few reviews I seem to of automatically picked the top 4 with not a lot in it so I am just wondering which brand is currently on top of things at the moment. Probably not an easy answer I know!

Basically I can choose from:
Lenovo Legion Y540 - i7 9750H - 16gb - RTX 2060 6gb - 256SSD + 1TB HDD for £1129

Dell G5 15 - i7 9750H - 16gb - RTX 2060 6gb - 256SSD + 1tb HHD for £1259

HP Omen - i7 9750H - 16gb - RTX 2060 6gb - 512SSD for £1115

The ASUS ones have a few choices but are AMD chips instead.

ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS GA502DU - AMD R7-3750H - 16gb - GTX 1660 Ti 6GB MAX-Q - 512SSD for £1149

or on pre order

AMD R7 4800H - 16gb - GTX 1660 Ti 6GB MAX-Q - 1tb SSD for £1300

The last one will have the brand new AMD chip in so just pondering if it is worth waiting for but I am not sure on ASUS as a brand.
I will be using the laptop for work which will need to use Adobe creative cloud (illustrator, indesign and a little of photoshop) but also for trying to get into pc gaming once more I am not in the need of ultra mega high end gaming. Hence my budget.
I have always gone for Intel in the past but seems AMD are now just as good? Especially with the new chips coming out?

All in all I just want advice as so much contradiction out there in reviews and it has just confused me totally.

Thank you for your help if anyone can spare a thought my way.
I would go with Lenovo over the ones you have listed, MSI, Gigabyte, Clevo are also good picks in gaming laptops. Best place I found to check on a wide variety of gaming laptops is they look to have the best layout to see a large number of systems and compare them easily.