Thoshiba satellite U40-a, SSD Upgrade(mSATA/M.2)

Aug 20, 2018
I got an old laptop from the garage, Toshiba Satellite U40-a, i3, 4GB, 750GB HDD. I would like to upgrade the HDD with an SSD. After I removing the bottom cover I found a slot nearer to the WiFi card with SSD label near to it. After a long search I think that is a mSATA slot.But I'm not sure because mSATA SSD is secured to the motherboard using two screws at
the bottom ends, while this slot has only one threaded hole at the bottom center, So please tell me the purpose of this slot or how can i possibly install a mSATA SSD...


Every time I've had to install a SSD I've just removed the old spinning and connected the new drive in the same place. Before connecting it, I clone the existing system on to the new disk and the customer keeps the old one as a backup drive.

In your photograph, I'm not seeing a slot so correct me if I'm wrong, it's just a reference to an upgrade in software and BIOS to recognise SSDs coming on to the market.