Tile Mate vs Tile Pro vs Tile Slim: Which One Should You Buy?

May 1, 2019
I would recommend to not go with Tile, I like their products but found out once I started to have a problem they fail miserably.

Since I "upgraded" to the Premium app its been a total disaster. I started the one month trial but there was no difference to the app's features and no personal help as they advertised. So I contacted them through the website and nothing, no reply.

I waited a few weeks and wrote them again explaining its not working, explained its my second time writing, cancel my trial. I'm guessing the cancel part got their attention as they replied in three days. They gave me a solution to try but the the month trial was now over and I told them I had no trial so I want to cancel the "Premium" service.

After two times contacting them you would have thought that they would be able to get a handle on such a simple requests - Nope!! Its now required a thirst time contacting them in a month, and Tile still has not resolved this! I wish I was kidding!!

The reason I had to contact Tile a third time was due to that Tile charged my credit card $29.99 weeks for the "Premium" app that I already told them twice in writing does not work, that the trial does not work and I wanted it cancelled! They last replied that they tried to contact me (on Easter Sunday - I'm guessing it was an overseas call center) and since they couldn't get in touch with me (I was eating with my family) it is considered closed. I have kept all my correspondence, stuff this bad is hard to believe!

So I now have had to contacted my credit card company and they are sending me a paper to report Tile as doing unauthorized charges and will then get the charge removed.

Wow what an absolutely terrible, terrible experience and the craziest think is this all happened when I was doing the Premium App Trial that says it will provide "Premium Customer Care". If that is "Premium" what is their normal customer care like?