Torn Between MSI and GIGABYTE Gaming Laptop


Jun 13, 2014
I would like a high-end gaming laptop for the price of around $1300, and I have narrowed my search down to the two laptops below.

I need help deciding!

MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012 ($1299)

GIGABYTE P27Gv2-CF1 ($1299)

What do you think is the best laptop and why?

I've heard the MSI Apache Pro series has 1.5 hour shorter battery life while idle, and gets a fair bit hotter and has worse workmanship.
The Gigabyte is slightly thicker whilst surpassing the Apache in the above categories.

However, battery-life and heat doesn't exactly matter in my opinion; what I care about is over-all performance and reliability.

Deus Gladiorum

Jun 29, 2013
Well, if what you say about battery life is true (I can't confirm) then that's a point to Gigabyte, but in addition, Gigabyte gets another point because its CPU is significantly stronger (same architecture, 17% higher clock speed). However, in most games that probably wouldn't make a very noticeable difference unless you're playing something like Total War or other super CPU-bound games.

The only advantage I can give to the MSI laptop from initial glance is the lower weight (6 lbs vs 7 lbs). If you're buying this for flexible portability, i.e. school or something, then I can't say I'd recommend either of them but the MSI has an advantage there. If you're not going to be moving this around too much (but hopefully enough to justify not building a desktop instead haha) and you don't care about the weight all too much either, than the Gigabyte is your winner.


Jun 13, 2014

Thank you for your explanation; I will be using the laptop for both school and gaming, but I will probably be stationary while using it for both.
I'm planning on playing games like Starcraft, Minecraft, Smite, Guild Wars, DayZ, and Garry's Mod.

Do you think the MSI would perform well with these games? If it can, than I will probably choose the MSI because it is slightly more portable.


Aug 30, 2014
Ah, all of these replies aren't going to help ... you need to look past the specs... both laptops run any games on full... thats what they're built for.
Alright here it is in-depth:
The Gigabyte supports triple storage which means it has the capacity to take in 3 hard drives which is nice for upgrade potential. It also has 3 ram slots where the msi only has 2 ram slots and 2 hard drive bays. Gigabyte has a blu ray drive. Also gigabyte is bigger allowing for better cooling which is nice cos the msi's do get hot on left top side of keyboard at the vent but nothing to be worried about. Gigabyte is known to have better capacitators on their motherboards which mean the overall quality of the motherboard is better. Yes the laptop doesnt have much looks compared to the msi but besides the better specs... it has quite a few advantages over the msi range which cannot be seen without doing a little research. :)
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