Toshiba C55-B5382 - Simple Task of replacing HD ... NOT

Mar 11, 2018
I was trying to replace the existing HD on my Toshiba C55-B5382 laptop and move from Windows to Linux.
Typically this should have been a simple task. But with Toshiba, it turned out to be quite a task.
I used a USB drive (which had my Linux OS) to boot and install on the new HD. It asked about some UEFI and I selected to move on (didnt really know what this UEFI business was). Once installed I removed the USB drive and rebooted thinking I was done. But I kept on getting the message that the boot device was not available. I checked in the BIOS and seems that the HD name still shows the name of the old HD and there seems to be no way to update that to use the newly installed HD. I looked around to see if there was a way to remove the CMOS battery but there doesnt seem to be any CMOS battery either. People talk about some jumpers (I looked but didnt see any physical jumpers.... maybe ppl mean that I might have to remove some sodder joints which I dont really feel comfortable with).
So I was wondering if any one knew either how to update the BIOS (which is part of some "Toshiba Utility application" so that it automatically detects the new HW and uses that
Some how remove the CMOS batter to completely shortcut the Toshiba Utility app. This was the normal BIOA will detect the new HD.
TIA for the help



First thing, read exactly what that message about UEFI was, you may need to set the computer to use the old style BIOS or at least change some settings like fast boot or secure boot.

Second, you actually replaced the drive not added it as a second one right? If you did, the BIOS should see the new hard drive model, not the old one.


Question from ladhnur : "Issues replacing HD and moving to Linux on my Toshiba C55-B5382 laptop"

Mar 11, 2018

That seemed to have worked. I will test a bit more before concluding it as a victory :)
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