toshiba error code 020123-f1-00000000

Linda Sue

Oct 16, 2015
Trying to use the picture of computer in Toshiba Recovery Media Creator to fix my problems but getting error code 020123-f1-00000000 during copying of the very first disk.

Are you planning to restore your laptop to it's factory settings once done with the creation of Toshiba Recovery Media? There's actually an easier way to do factory reset without making one.
- Make sure that the PC is off.
- Press and hold the 0 (zero) button on your keyboard while powering on the laptop
- When it's on the Toshiba Recovery Wizard screen select Recovery of Factory Default Software.
- That should restore your laptop back to factory.

If you're just planning to create a recovery disc, just try another blank DVD disc and rerun the disc creation.