Toshiba laptop battery problem

Mar 25, 2018
Thank you Hang-the-9 for your imput. Yesterday i tried something else. I took off the old battery and was able to start my Toshiba laptop from the mains supply lead without a battery in place. I then inserted the new generic battery without consequence. When I passed the mouse over the charge icon, the message read "9% available (plugged in, not charging)". After closing down I was still unable to start my laptop with the new battery in place. From this I am inclined to believe that either these generic batteries have an inherent fault or there are two types of laptop that use similar sized and shaped batteries, but that they are wired slightly differently. If this is the case then the sellers of these batteries (in this case Amazon) should be more thorough in testing the products they sell and in informing their customers exactly which models the batteries will and will not work with. If anyone else has had a similar experience I would be interested to hear from them. Re the price of batteries, 4 years ago I replaced a Toshiba laptop battery at a Toshiba agency at Square One in Canada for less than C$70. Today I see generic batteries for just US$12 and OEM's for prices in excess of US$100. It is no wonder so few customers are prepared to pay OEM prices.

Clarification. My laptop will only work with the old battery in place and a mains supply (battery 0% available (plugged in, not charging)). With new battery fitted the on switch doesn't work. I have tried 2 new generic batteries, Am I to deduce that they are both faulty? Can anyone recommend a supply source for an OEM battery at a reasonable price or a generic one that will work?

I have a Toshiba Satellite C70D-B -00P AMD A8 laptop model PSCLEC-00P001 and it's battery is a PABAS272 Model NO PA5109U-1BRS. 10.8V 4200mAh/48W. The original battery is dead so I can only use it with the mains lead - right light on constant, left light flashes 3-4 times a second during use. I live on a small Caribbean island and asked a friend to bring me a replacement. What he brought was a PA5024U-1BRS Model: BC06, DC10.8V 4400mAh/48Wh from Amazon UK. It is identical in shape and fits perfectly but the problem is that the laptop won't turn on when the button is pressed. The left light flashes at about one second intervals. This is the second generic battery I have tried with the same result - the first one came from USA. Any idea why it won't work or if there is a fix? Thanks, Colin


There is no OEM batteries that will be cheap like a generic unless you buy a used one. Although having two new batteries not work is a bit odd even if they are cheap copies, usually they work but just very badly and die in a year or less. It may be an issue with the laptop connections or motherboard.
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