Toshiba Laptop from vista32 to vista64 to 7(64)


Jan 29, 2013
I'm Terry and my main problem is diagnosing my laptop so I can use it as an extra for school. It came with 2gb DDr2 pc6400 house ram, mentioned it was upgradeable to 4gb's which of course I did to upgrade to vista then 7 64 bit. vista 64 was fine, 7 was even fine until i installed amd radeon 3100 drivers and it will no longer boot without mem dumb (BSOD)!!

So here's the steps, Toshiba Satellite L305d with 2gb ram and vista 32. turned off computer, added 4 gb's ddr2 pc6400 ram from other laptop (same samsung brand), and inserted my vista 64 bit disc. Installed that using the key code stuck to bottom of my laptop (yes it's that wll taken care of i can still read it), once vista 64 was up i attempted anytime upgrade to 7 64 bit. Couldn't find a download so I used my win7 ultimate iso from my dekstop to mount on d-tools to upgrade from desktop of vista64. Well win7 64 came up and then i installed vid drivers and it died. what now?