Toshiba overheating after cleaning!


Apr 23, 2016
Hello everyone!
First on the topics of Toshiba, I'd like to add that I had this laptop now for 4 years. Never had issues what so ever. I know there's a lot of bad reviews, but I believe that it's like a line-up of brand new cars! Sometimes, you get a bad batch! Sometimes, you get lucky and it's a good pick!
This was the case for me with this one...

Model is a Toshiba Satellite L70D-A AMD A10-5750m Radeon HD 8650g 8gb ddr3.

Now on to the issue:
Recently, the laptop has been overheating during gaming. Currently at 43'c but once I game it quickly reaches 79,80+... Both Temp1(processor) and GPU.
I took the laptop apart and cleaned the fan and replaced the thermal paste. But this still hasn't helped much. The fan does rev-up during overheating, so I know it's doing it's job.
That and I'm using a cooling pad.

...any thoughts?

I would suggest opening the laptop again and make sure that the heatsink is really touching the CPU or GPU properly because if it's not, that can cause the overheat. When you apply a new thermal paste do also make sure that the old thermal paste has been wiped off clean. Do also make sure that the heatsink fins are free from dust that may block it from spinning freely.

Hopefully this steps will help. :)