Toshiba Qosmio X870 gaming issues


Jun 3, 2013
Hello i bought a Toshiba Qosmio X870 gaming laptop. (link below for details)

but the problem is, it can't play games.
doesn't matter what game it is, low or high settings.

i have updated the gtx graphic card, and and intel graphic HD 4000.

but still it cant play games without lagging.

i need someone that can help me.



Feb 12, 2013
I've had a similar problem before, when running on battery power, sometimes the computer 'downgrades' you graphical settings based on the fact that you are on battery power to save energy. It basically sets the computer to run on the intel card rather than the NVidia.

If you are only having the issue when on battery power it could be this.

Another issue I had was that I would have graphics trouble mid-game sometimes (Even when plugged into the wall), to rectify I went to Toshiba's website and downloaded the latest Bios (I also downloaded the latest graphics driver from NVidia, but you said you've already tried that).

Hope that helps.

Scott Bailey

Aug 25, 2013
Hi, Lunza, I understand your problem! I to have one of these great laptops. The other day I was hunting down the latest an best stable nVidia Drivers for the 670M card, as there was a newer version (nVidia GE Force 320.49) I downloaded it and prepared to install it to upgrade my current driver (314.22)

OMG, what a fight I had with it, the install some how did not install properly and my Screen went black. As booting up into windows 8, could not even log in

hooked it up to my tv via a HDMI cable and the laptop and we have action as the laptop boots on the HD4000 card.

Then I role back the driver change back to 314.22 and shut down, unplug TV, and re-boot!

Problem Fixed for me in an instant! Yippee!

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