Question Toshiba tuner bad?

Jul 16, 2020
I have a Toshiba purchased that I recently purchased used. It has worked fine with a cable box/firestick. Today I tried to connect to my backup rooftop antenna because the cable is out and I was given a week out repair date. The tv picked up 35 channels in the auto scan, but not one channel is viewable. I double checked all connections to the antenna and connected another tv to the antenna cable and it worked as it should. I am not sure if it is something in the settings on the Toshiba or a bad internal part. On every channel it says digital strength low and has just a scattering of language, but no picture. My other questions is if the tuner is in fact bad, would an external tuner connected to the antenna then to the tv solve the problem? Thanks for any assistance.
It's not unusual for a TV tuner to find channels that it can't lock onto to produce a picture. The low signal strength indicated that you need more signal.
The low signal could be caused by the antenna being split to too many TVs. A distribution amplifier would help here. If the signal the antenna receives is low then a signal amplifier would help. You can check this by disconnecting the other TVs from the antenna and then checking the Toshiba.
An external ATSC tuner would be the next work around. There are inexpensive ones or better ones like the Tivo Bolt or Amazon Fire TV Recast that have multiple tuners and DVR built in.
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