Toshiba would only start with black screen...finally started and colors are all messed up


Mar 11, 2013
Hello All,

Like several others, I tried to start my Toshiba L775 and only got a black screen. The keyboard lights and fan all worked, no beeps, nothing on the screen. I tried to remove the battery and the power cord, hold the power key down, reseat the hard drive in the bay and nothing worked. My last attempt got it to start off to a very strange red Toshiba screen. Windows 7 eventually did boot up. The colors are off as is the resolution. I am afraid to turn it off so I have not tried a reboot.

Any suggestion would be appreciated. I can see everything fine, but it kind of looks like it is in safe mood with low resolution and bad colors.


Mike in St. Louis


If you had a redish screen, your screen is going bad. Try just replacing the inverter first, if that does not fix it, may be the backlight or the actual LCD pannel. If the redish tint went way, you may just need to set the color depth and resolution to what they should be, slide the resolution to the top setting which should be the native one for the screen and set the colors to 32 bit.