Touchscreen has limited functionality.


Nov 28, 2015
Hello, I purchased a Lenovo Flex 6 14" laptop recently and it seems like the touchscreen has some issues. It worked fine upon unboxing, but one day later and it was off. Of course, my first assumption was that it was a software problem, so I contacted microsoft support which updated my OS. Seeing that this had no effect on my touchscreen, the technician downgraded the OS to the previous state. This still did nothing. However, a few hours later, the touchscreen started working. I thought everything was resolved. But it stopped working the next day. This cycle has been going on for the past week, with about 3% of the time with the touchscreen working. From what I have been able to observe, it is an issue with the input of touch to the display. The HID-compliant touchscreen display is completely missing in the device manager. Any help would be appreciated.
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