Tricky Audio Setup, Would This Work? (Surround Sound/Laptop)

Tom Elliot

Mar 25, 2014
Hey gang,

On the weekend I will be getting some old speakers which I used to own from my parents, I would like to somehow enable them to work with my laptop I am not 100% on the model but I'm certain of the connections. I would like to have my laptop connected to the TV (Via VGA) and the audio to come out of the speakers which will be connected to the TV, I am aware VGA only transfers video but I am using a double sided 3.5mm jack which allows me to control the laptop audio via the TV remote when they are connected. The setup will be as follows:

Laptop connected to TV via VGA and 3.5mm jack for audio
TV Connected to surround sound via Scart and Digital Audio Optical Cable

Now I imagine this would not work, as the laptop isn't connected to the speakers at all. Possibly if I connect the 3.5mm to the amp (dvd player) for the speakers it may work like that? For me this is a complicated setup and therefore I may have explained it poorly, any insight on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated. If any more info is required please ask.

It should work. You are feeding laptop audio into the TV and from the TV into the surround sound via the optical out of your TV.
If your surround sound has an unused analog audio input you could alternatively connect the laptop directly to it. If you wanted sound through the internal TV speakers you would have to split the audio output of the laptop and feed it to both the TV and HTiB.