Question Trouble in connecting Powered Sub woofer to Harman AVR 142 Receiver

Apr 7, 2020
I am having Harman AVR 142 Receiver and Powered Sub Woofer. I am not knowing how to connect the same. I wish to get advise on which port to connect to which port? Also which cables to be used for connecting the same.

As I am a layman , I request you to kindly provide the reply in a simple terms with pictures etc so as to understand easily.

Thanking u for the same.

With regards,

Your AVR has a single RCA subwoofer output. You can use any mono audio cable with RCA plugs at both ends that will reach. It doesn't have to say it's for subwoofers.
You will likely need to turn the subwoofer output on and change your front speakers to small in the receiver speaker set up.
If the subwoofer has an LFE input then use that.
If it has left and right inputs one may be marked as mono or LFE. If not then use either left or right. If the woofer has a frequency control turn it all the way up.
Both the receiver and sub will have level controls. You will set that, by ear, to your preference. Listen at your primary seating position. The placement of the sub will greatly affect the quantity and quality of the bass so if you have more than one option try each one changing the level to optimize that location.
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