True 2.1 or keep all in one?


Feb 8, 2015
Should I get a true 2.1 speak where the connectors connect to a dedicated port or should I stick to my Logitech Z-313 2.1, where 2 speakers are connected to the subwoofer? When I listen to music its okay, but when I listen to narrative things the subwoofer muffles out the tellers voice.


some pc speakers have a low pass and volume knob on the subwoofer to adjust how strongly and how often it fires. you can easily adjust sub presence in this manner. the z313 is basic and does not appear to have this option. looks like the z523, z623 have it and i know other models do. as for separate speakers and subwoofers (guessing you mean to buy an active (powered) subwoofer and a pair of active speakers) generally the sub will have low pass and volume knob on it but the computer will be limiting what gets sent to it as well based on the kind of content you have running.

without a low pass knob, not much you can do except using equalizer or a software low-pass filter to cut back on bass. since the satellites should not be outputting much bass tones you may not even notice any difference except the sub firing less. likely the 313 has some sort of hardware low pass built in around the values on its subwoofer frequency response so it will still trigger within these values down to as low as your settings let it.

can you fix it without buying new? likely.

are separates better? sure, but for decent active equipment be prepared to spend some decent cash.