Trying to connect Android Box to Home Theater System & Projector


Aug 3, 2017
Currently I've got the video to work with an HDMI from the projector to the android box. Simple. However I am currently stuck on how to get them both working with a 5.1 surround sound system hooked up to my home theater system.

Android box = NexBox A95X

Projecter = MediaLy DLP 3D-K100

Home Theater System = LG 3D Blue-Ray Home Cinema BH6540T

Any advice on what to do and suggestions on certain adapters to purchase to get it all to work together would be greatly appreciated.

Connect both the HTS and android box to an HDMI input selector with audio extraction like this one
The HDMI output of the switch goes to the projector.
The optical audio out of the switch goes to the optical input on the HTS.
This is the best way because you need to expand the number of HDMI inputs on the projector anyway.
There is a headphone output on the projector that might work but you would have to manually connect your source to the projector every time you switch.


Aug 3, 2017
Thank you for the response.

I've bought a similar HDMI output selector with audio extraction - Portta HDMI 4 Ports Switcher With Audio Outputs; and have connected it all up. It's very close to working, the video worked and the audio sort of worked. I could hear the audio from the film's I played on the Android Box, however it was choppy/stuttery. About every half a second the audio would cut off then come back half a second later.

I've tried restarting everything and made sure everything is plugged in properly with working cables, but still choppy audio. The optical audio cable I've used for the to connect the HDMI Switcher and the Home Theater System is - AmazonBasics Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable 3m / 9.8 feet.

Thanks again for the help and getting me a step closer. Just need to know why there is choppy audio and how to fix it.
Try a different HDMI cable from the android box to the switcher.
Try a different input on the switcher.
Try changing the audio output type in the android box (if you can).
Try a different HDMI source to check if the switchbox is working.
It's not likely the optical cable is the problem.


Aug 3, 2017
I have just tried those 4 possible solutions but still no progress unfortunately.

I'm pretty stumped at this point and don't know what to do. Perhaps it's some of the devices and components are simply having compatability issues? Not sure.

Any further help is greatly appreciated, Thanks.
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