Solved! Trying to connect old Sony surround sound system to new LG Smart TV.

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Oct 29, 2018
Hi there. I have an old Sony surround sound system/DVD player. The model is DAV-DZ230. The connections on the back of this amplifier are HDMI (for DVD only) and SCART.

I've just replaced an old LG plasma screen with a new LGUJ63. The old TV had a SCART connection, so connecting the amplifier to it and having surround sound through DTV was simple (just using SCART-SCART).

Although, this newer LGUJ63 doesn't have a SCART input, only HDMI and component.

I've tried using a SCART to composite but I can't get any audio whatsoever. I've tried changing the sound output settings on the LG with no luck. When I connect the component cable to the TV it acknowledges it by showing "AV x3" on the screen.

When I first set the TV up I set it up using cable, not a set top box or satellite.

If I change the Sony amplifier to Tuner FM/AM, then that audio will play through the surround sound no problem.

I'm thinking there is an easy fix here that I'm missing?


Sony DAV-DZ230

  • HDMI (DVD only)

  • HDMI
    Component AV (RWRBG)
Thanks folks, hopefully this is clear and detailed enough to get a possible solution.

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