Question Trying to convert Vinyl to mp3. OLD receiver.

Feb 21, 2020
I have an old technics receiver I am trying to connect to a computer to record my albums to mp3, using Adobe Soundbooth. I can’t find the darn manual for the receiver.

Which output should I use From receiver to computer?

I,ve added a day to the mix, and tried both FireWire and rca out to computer to no avail.

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Looks like you wired the speaker outputs to the inputs of the box, that is not the way to do it. It does seem a bit logical (the thing outputs to speakers, so the output is what I need to connect to), but the speaker outputs don't work the way you need for what you are doing.

If you have issues doing this even with the tape out, there are turntables specifically made for what you want to do that are under $100.
A DAC would be useless and may have been damaged by the speaker output of the receiver.
You could use a ADC (analog to digital converter) and connect it's input to the tape record outputs and it's output to the PC.
Some phone preamps have USB so they contain an ADC. That would allow you to connect the turntable to it and use USB to connect the preamp to the PC.
Feb 21, 2020
Thank you all kindly! But I used these same things to record in the past? i have tried all your suggestions. Maybe I should buy a new DAC, or new receiver? I’d like to record in raw and clean up before making mp3.
A new DAC would do nothing for ripping vinyl. It serves no function at all. If the receiver has a better phono preamp then yours then it would give you better sound quality but I don't know of a receiver that would use USB so that you could rip vinyl.
A separate phono preamp with USB would make it simpler and potentially better depending on the quality you get.
When you connect the record out of the receiver to the PC line level input you are using the ADC in the PC. If you have a USB phono preamp it contains the ADC.
Once you do your rip you can then process the file and still keep the original unprocessed file. I suggest you rip in at least 16bit 44khz CD quality and create mp3 copies which won't sound as good but be compatible with more playback devices.
Feb 21, 2020
It finally worked! I don’t know what settings I has misconfigured, but I took the dac/adc out of it, and plugged the tape-out into line-in, and all is well! thank you all SO much!
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