Trying to figure out a sound solution for a dvi only monitor


Jul 3, 2013
Okay, so I'm looking ahead to the release of the next gen consoles, and I realise that the highest quality screen I have is my IPS monitor, unfortunately, It does not have a HDMI slot, but only a DVI, and displayport slot.

I can manage to get the video fine, I simply use a HDMI to DVI cable. The audio however, is more problematic. Current gen consoles have an anologue output that can be simultaneously plugged in, and you get get L/R audio from that, however, the new consoles do not have this port.

The ps4 does seem to have a S/PDIF audio output.

I have a pair of standard logitech speakers that connect to a standard line-out port.

Basically, is there a way to split the HDMI to get audio and a dvi link from it, otherwise, what would be the best way to get the S/PDIF working with a pair of headphones or my bog standard speakers?