Trying to install games to an SD card on my kids LG 8gig tablet and It tells me I don't have enough storage!! Help


Jan 2, 2016
I got my kid an LG Gpad 7.0 I think for xmas only has 8gig of internal space so he can barely get squat for games I try to install a game he loves, Minecraft Story Mode and it doesn't work cuz it says doens't have enough internal storage so I buy a 32 Gig SD card and it tells me the same thing when I try and download it as well as other games. I've manually moved every game from internal to SD Card and it basically just dupliicated them. If I remove it from internal it removes the whole thing. Some games say I have to have internal storage to get the game I mean isnt' that why I got the friggin card? I'm not a huge tech guy but I'm not dumb either I don't think. Any advice??


Most apps will not work off an SD card, there are ways to get around that but you need to root the device and do a few other steps.
If you go to the application manager, you will see a Move to SD Card option. If that is active, click it. If it's not active, the app can't be moved.

Ability to install a lot of apps on a device is part of why the pricier devices are better due to larger built-in storage.