Question Turning Internal Sd Card (Formatted) into External Again.

Oct 12, 2019
Making Sd Card become a internal storage is no good to me, because i cant move app in the internal to the Sd Card. So, i decided to turn back my Sd Card to normal... Can someone tell me is it possible or not possible...
Im using Xiaomi Redmi 5a. Please... tell me...

Saga Lout

Olde English
There are lots of Apps that won't work unless they live in the folder system/apps but unfortunately, when you nominated your SdCard to be internal storage, any data on that card was encrypted and rendered useless.

I think it's risky to use it anywhere else and there may not be much free space remaining. I recommend throwing it away.
It can be reused. As long as the card isn't damaged.

You just have to get the data that you have on it off. Either moving it back to the phone, moving it off the card to another device (connecting the phone to say a computer via USB cord), uploading the files to an account you have or even emailing the files to yourself.

Then, once the card is clear, you can change it back to being "External" storage within the phone.
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