Turtle Beach Ear Force PX24 is it worth it ?


Aug 29, 2012
I have kraken pro for some time ( about a year i think). I really want a change. While i was roaming through meny headsets i found these ones droped from 80 euro to 41..thats half the price! Should i buy them at that price or go for something else ? I dont really like razer products (Just saying).


Dec 23, 2016
Do NOT buy the px24 (or any other Turtle beach imo). I purchased my first set about 4 months ago ($70usd) had used them maybe 7-10 times, and within a month a cheap plastic part randomly broke when I was taking them off (It's the little plastic rails on either side that allow vertical adjustability). So thinking that it was a random defect, I took them back to the store and got a replacement set. Now about two and a half months later (and maybe 20 uses) the EXACT plastic rail on the opposite side cracked again on the new pair! I was carefully taking them on and off both times (like I do with every headset). I will never ever buy another product from Turtle Beach.. Just randomly google "snapped turtle beach" and see what I mean. Cheaply made POS headsets all around. Now running an off brand cheap $15 set from Amazon and they are running great...
Sorry for the rant, hopefully it helps to warn someone..