Turtle Beach x12 does NOT show as a microphone under win7


Feb 24, 2015
Hello, PLEASE help me with this problem. I don't know how to solve it. I have contacted Turtle Beach support and this is my second Turtle Beach X12 headset now. Because i was told my first one had harware issues. But the problem still exists even with the second, new headset i have now.

My problme is following: I have an MSI GT60 laptop. Which has a build- in webcam and microphone
see here:

And when i plug my TBX12 in, it does NOT show up under recording devices (my stuff is in german but i guess you can figure what it means) see here:

The disabled microphone you can see on that picture is my build in microphone. I have tested recording myself before. With the TBx12 plugged in, and the build- in microphone shown in the picture ENABLED. Since the TBx12 cable is very long, i walked into my kitchen while talking, and i was getting more quiet and quiet as i walked from my laptop, and i could not hear myself anymore when i was actually still talking in the kitchen, which my TBx12 on my head. Therefore i know that it only picks up my build in microphone.

YES, my headset is properly plugged in. see here:

Checking my soundcard i was shown following devices: realtek high definition audio, nvidia virtual audo device, and intel display audio. Since my build- in microphone shows the realtek. See here:

I asume that is the one of use. And it's driver is updated the to latest version. 6.0.1.

I just have no clue how to fix this. I am out of ideas. and this is probably the 5th thread in each time a different forum which i have made so far. With no solution yet. not even from the TB support.

Please, please help me.
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