Apr 25, 2014
So Ipurchased a brand new HD Smart TV hisence.when I got home I took my old TV off and hook my new TV up to my cable box. Has a great picture but no sound. I have done some research and checked my cable settings through the box made sure the audio output was on HDMI. Still no sound, so I even went as far as changing the settings with the TV. Still no sound I have contacted my cable provider Time Warner Cable and I could not figure it out either. They are sending a technician out within the next two days. I would love to solve this matter without having the technician come out. Should I just switch from HDMI going into the TV to some other plug? Can anyone help me?
Make sure the internal speakers are enabled on the TV. Also check with another HDMI device and the TV, a laptop maybe, see if it has sound then. If it's an older cable box, they may need to upgrade it, older HDMI ports may not work with everything.

I have had an older Sony HD tube TV that only played back sound but no picture though HDMI from a DVD player.