Two pair rca output from car stereo headunit inquiry


Aug 24, 2015
has 2 pair rca outputs, front out and rear/sub out.
my car doesnt have front speakers and i have installed 2 6x9 rear speakers.
i plan to install a 4 channel amp and a sub.
2channels for speakers and will bridge the other two for the sub.
how can i connect them on these rca output from the headunits.
what i have in mind is to connect the front outs to my rear and the rear/sub outs to the sub all through the amp ofcourse. Will i lose bass from the rear speakers if i connect them to front?
Hi, no, you wont loose bass. All that will happen is that when you try and use the balance control, is you will get bass on the right, and 6x9's on the left. The front and rear RCA outputs deliver the same basic signal. The advantage of having bass connected to the rear output is you will have a bass level control in the menu of the head unit, which will give you direct control over your sub's.

Hope this helps!
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