Two unknown items in my C Drive root directory


Jan 3, 2016
Two unknown items in my C Drive root directory

I have 2 files in my C Drive root directory that I'm not sure where they are from and what they do:

1. An empty folder named GvTemp
2. A file named "END" with the file extension ".file"

Every time I delete either of these files, they are back on my drive when I reboot the system. I don't believe these 2 files are in anyway related, but they very well might be. There is not much information on the Internet about either of these two files.

I believe that the GvTemp folder is created by the GIGABYTE OC_GURU software that I use for my GPU (Gigabyte G1 GTX 980TI). The OC_GURU software runs on startup (I use it to control the color of the WINDFORCE text on my GPU), so it makes sense that the GvTemp folder is recreated every time I launch my computer. But, like I said before, the GvTemp folder is empty, so I imagine it isn't functioning in anything of importance. I want to remove it and make sure it stays removed, but I do not want to remove the OC_GURU software. I contacted GIGABYTE support about this matter weeks ago and they are yet to reply, which is strange considering every other time I've contacted them about other matters they reply very promptly.

Now the END file I know even less about. Supposedly the file is installed to your drive alongside Star Wars: The Old Republic, but I do not have that game and I have never had that game, so I do not know where this file is from. It is 1KB in size and when I open it using Notepad, the only text in it is "{}"

Some people online have linked this END file to some form of Conduit adware, but those people seem to have their END file filled with a bunch of nonsensical characters while mine just has {}.

I am quite certain that neither of these files are a result of any malware. I am quite a tech savvy individual and I am very safe when it comes to using the computer. Even though I was quite confident that neither of these were from malware, I scanned my system with multiple different antivirus/antimalware/antispyware applications and every scan came back clean.

I'm at a loss for what to do. I want to a) know for certain where these files came from, b) know for certain that they are not a result of malware, and c) remove them and prevent them from coming back.

Please advise me on how to deal with this matter.