Ultrabook reccomandation - £800


Apr 29, 2012
Hi guys,

I've recently been looking to buy an ultrabook, mainly for programming, and virtual machine support. I will every now and then play a game or two at low settings, such as rocket league, or Dota2

The main things i'm looking for are the following:
A good CPU - quad core preferred, but this is very rare with ultrabooks so dual core is fine. The better the CPU the happier i'll be
8GB ram (or more)
256GB SSD (or more)
Screen size of 13-14" would be ideal. I'd like the resolution to be 1920x1080. If it's more than this, I don't mind, but I feel it's extra cost for very little gain.
Since i'll maybe do some light gaming every now and then, I'd like the internal graphics to not be too bad. Intel Iris graphics are usually very good, so if this is possible, this would be great.
I should also add I want the machine to be very portable, so I'd like it to not weigh more than 1.75kg. On the lower end of this, such as 1kg-1.5kg is preferable

Apart from that, general things like good build quality or good keyboard are appreciated
I have a budget of 600-800ish, though the best bang for my buck is definitely the key here

I've been looking at a couple of machines such as the zenbook ux303ua, and lenovo yoga 710, but i'm not quite certain - the yoga feels like i'm paying for the 2-in-1 which i won't really use a lot of, the zenbook seems just alright, but if it had Iris graphics i would've preferred that a lot more.

What reccomandations do you guys have?

If the only problem with the UX303ua was the integrated graphics, look at the UX303ub and UX310ua. They're pretty much the same thing except with Nvidia 940m or 940mx.