Unable to reject Facebook change of address "suggestion"


Jan 30, 2018
We have a Facebook page for our business which is working fine, no problems (other than Facebook's absence of support) and is fully verified.

We have now received a notification that "users" have suggested that our address should be changed. The proposed change is incorrect and would be detrimental to our operations. We are told that it will be auto-applied in 12 days unless we take action.

When we click on the notification, we are given two options: Accept and Reject. Naturally we want to Reject. When we select that option, however, we get this message:

"This content is no longer available
The content you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page."

Have tried this with multiple computers, desktop and Android mobile, multiple browsers, multiple Facebook accounts. Same message all the time. Not a problem with clearing cache or settings as that has been completely cleared.

Have tried posting in multiple places regarding this issue (which is apparently not uncommon with Facebook) with no luck as far as replies. Would be delighted to get some help from anyone here (new here, this is my first post).

Thanks in advance for your help