Unable to use the Recovery partition to recover the OEM OS


Nov 1, 2015


I've recently been asked to get rid of a Windows 8.1 on a new laptop (HP Pavilion), and install Windows 7 instead because they wanted it that way. Which i did alright.

However, the wifi card (and some USB ports) isn't working because there is no driver for the wifi card, i tried with newer drivers, installed correctly but still no sign of wifi.
Anyways I now have to put back the Win 8.1. The recovery partition is intact (there's even two of them, one 750Mo and one 16Go), the disk manager says it's healthy, but going through the F11 menu will suggest me to Recover -> Choose an OS -> Windows 7.

What should i do ?
Perhaps should i format the current Win7 partition first ?

Thanks for your help !