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    Question Recovery Image/Data for Sony Vaio Tap 11 (SVT1121A4E)

    Hello, I recently bought used laptop Sony Vaio Tap 11 [Exact model: SVT1121A4E] from second hand and it's still pretty good machine. The Windows 10 is surprisingly pretty smooth. But unfortunately the user before me probably formated all partitions, including the recovery partition... I...
  2. O

    Solved! How to install Windows from recovered recovery partition only?

    My question is quite simple: in short, is there a way to re-install my original Windows 7 on my Asus laptop if I only have my OEM license key (that I got with the PC) and the recovery partition? Now the whole story: I bought the laptop a while ago, and I installed a Pro version of Windows 10 I...
  3. R

    No recovery partition or disk and no drivers

    I recently messed up my Toshiba Satellite p755-s5390. I had to format the drive and clear the partitions. I re-installed windows 7 64bit. I do not have access to any network connection including directly connecting with a network cable. I also don't have the original installation disk from the...
  4. N

    HP Starwars Special Edition Operating System

    I have a hp starwars special edition laptop. I lost the recovery partition of this laptop. so I am unable to restore the official star wars OS in this laptop. I tried to order it online from hp's official website but they does't support shipping in my country. So is there any website from where...
  5. W

    Windows failed update, now error message, and recovery partition missing

    Thank you for any information provided and I apologize for my lack of in depth computer knowledge up front. I hope this doesn't all sound like a series of unfortunately events, but they may all be related so I am going to list them here. What I am looking for is the best next step... repair...
  6. V

    Hard drive replacement... will recovery discs recover the recovery partition?

    Toshiba c875-s7205 Hard drive is shot. I have another computer that is exactly the same model. Can I create the recovery discs from the other computer, replace the hard drive of the dead one, and re-install the OS using those discs? Also, if the first question's answer is yes... Will the...
  7. S

    Solved! factory reset from recovery partition

    Boot manager not available. Windows 7 will not start. What can I do with no repair disc.
  8. P

    Dell XPS 15 L502X - factory restore without recovery partition

    Hello, I have Dell XPS 15 L502X (service tag: GMBKSQ1, Express service code 36178219369) which came with Windows 7 originally. I've replaced the hdd because he was damaged. in the new hdd there isn't recovery partition that let me restore the laptop to factory settings. Also I didn't get the...
  9. A

    problem with recovery partition hp pavilion

    Hi my friend is tending to sell his laptop, so I made a backup image for recovery partition using clonezilla and then erased the whole disk, after restoring recovery image I couldn't reach recovery manager, so is there any solution to recover my factory os.
  10. P

    Help needed! Bad virus, formatted drive, need to get OS back, no OS partition.

    Time sensitive! Help! Stuck! Had a bad virus, Toshiba Satellite laptop, was forced to completely format the drive thus eliminating the OS recovery install partition. I am unable to proceed any further, I absolutely thought this computer would have had some sort of failsafe to NOT format the...
  11. M

    Laptop HDD failure - Recovery Partition

    I have an out of warranty Dell Inspirion 1545 with a suspected HDD failure. (Error Code 2000-0142). It is my plan to replace the HDD. However, the recovery information (Vista etc) for this computer is on a partition on the failing drive. Without that recovery information, how can I install a...
  12. D

    Using the Recovery Partition after clean windows install

    Hello, I did a clean install with Windows 10 on my Acer One 10 S1002. The problem is the touch screen is not working I have tried everything but just didnt work. I did the installation clean but I did not delete the old recovery partition of 7 gb. Now I want to go back to Windows 8 using that...
  13. D

    recovery media for c50-a-1dv

    Hi, I am unable to use the recovery partition so I need to use the receovery media which was not created. Is there somewhere I can down the revoery media for Toshiba Satellite c50-a-1dv? many thanks
  14. T

    Create a bootable recovery partition?

    Hi, I have the following setup: 128 GB SSD with my Windows 10 installed. 1000 HDD with just data. I'm traveling 3-4 month's per year and would like to get rid of carrying a USB stick with me all times, in case I need to reinstall my system. I've created a partition of 35 GB. I want to...
  15. R

    Recover Windows from failing drive to new drive from recovery partition

    Try to fix a friends computer, the hard drive is failing on her HP envy m6 and I need to install windows 8.1 OS over to a new drive. The computer will not boot completely and it has bad sectors affecting the c: drive. Windows tries to fix them but it ran for over 24 hours and never finished. I...
  16. P

    RCA viking pro tablet on Hard reset but it won't turn on or charge HELP PLEASE

    RCA viking pro tablet When it was on it was showing a message that said UIDS inconsistent and I pressed a button that said "I'm feeling lucky" then found recovery menu then I pressed wipe cache/partition and then it said it was done and then I went back to the recovery menu and pressed power...
  17. P

    HELP RCA tablet WON'T WORK!!!!

    HELP RCA TABLET WON'T WORK!!!! Ok first I did the recovery menu on my rca tablet and I press wipe cache/partition and then I went back to the recovery menu and then went to power reboot then it went to this black screen for 2 minutes then shut off then I went to turn it back on and now it won't...
  18. E

    Windows 10 error - could not find the recovery environment

    Short version: I bought a laptop and want to use the windows 10 reset feature. I know it has a recovery partition but i keep getting the error "could not find the recovery environment". How do fix this? Long version: I recently bought my acer aspire e5-575g-53vg laptop and it came preinstalled...
  19. L

    Trying to format my ASUS X55VD using recovery partition, not being successful

    Hello, as the title suggests, I'm trying to factory reset my laptop, but I'm not having much success. Laptop brand and model: ASUS X55VD Problem description: In order to access the recovery partition on this ASUS laptop, I'm supposed to hit the F9 key once the logo appears on boot. Done that...
  20. J

    Pc Angel Bios Partition locked

    I'm trying to recover data off a emachines t3995 after a capacitor blow out, I hooked up the old hard drive (WD Caviar, WD800) to my big rig though a ide/sata controller card only to find a 3gb partition filled with PC Angel recovery software ,after further analysis of the software I've found...
  21. nascar895

    Partition lost during ubuntu installation

    I tried to install ubuntu and then try to partition on the above screen. I select my 1.7TB partition and click on (+) sign and created the new partition. after the installation my 1.7tb partition was missing. But my windows installation partition was ok even though it is on a same drive. I tried...
  22. M

    Removing partitions wise choice?

    So im trying to upgrade to Windows 10 my mini laptop has an eMMC of 32GB i formatted my primary partition and i got 18GB in total out of it. I saw that Drive 1 Partition 4: Image (Recovery Partition), takes 10GB in total and is only using 66 mb It says 944.0MB of free space. Can i format and...
  23. F

    Recovery Disc doesn't recover Windows 7 on ASUS Laptop

    Hello, I have a problem with my ASUS Laptop model K55DR. When I bought it I made recovery discs, and now my Windows has problem with starting and is very slow. So i decided to recover Windows 7 to factory settings using Recovery Partition on my HDD, but when i pressed the F9 button, nothing...
  24. T

    Unable to use the Recovery partition to recover the OEM OS

    Hello, Hello, I've recently been asked to get rid of a Windows 8.1 on a new laptop (HP Pavilion), and install Windows 7 instead because they wanted it that way. Which i did alright. However, the wifi card (and some USB ports) isn't working because there is no driver for the wifi card, i...
  25. E

    Need help upgrading my Laptop to Windows 10 (more complicated than it sounds :( )

    Okay, so I'l explain everything just to help you understand: .My mum bought herself a new laptop, an ASUS Eeebook E402MA .She likes it but hates windows 8, a free upgrade is available so I said id upgrade it to 10 for her .The laptop has a 32gb eMMC so I thought an upgrade would be easy as...
  26. G

    Sony Vaio E14P Recovery Partition Deleted, Can not install windows.

    Long story short my main pc is held up right now (issues with a part, dealing with manufacture on component) So I was looking on a local for sale site and purchased a Sony Vaio laptop that the person stated in the ad they can not install windows after deleting the Sony recovery Partition...
  27. ClownWalker

    Accidently formatted and deleted the recovery partition.

    Hello, my laptop had some problems : freezing, not launching apps, startup repair not fixing anything. So I decided to reinstall Windows 7 though a USB, like I always do with my PC. Everything went fine until midway through the installation process. I first got the error 0x80FE0000 telling me...
  28. M

    How To: Load a Recovery Drive's Factory.Wim image - Question

    Does anyone here have any experience using a PCs Factory.wim image (located in the recovery partition) to restore a laptop to factory defaults? Let me know :??: Michael
  29. S

    WipeDisk ASUS K52

    process deleted recovery partition. Now boots to Enter Password for HDD. Will not boot with Recovery CD. Will replacing hard drive get me use of laptop again? Thanks!
  30. D

    No Boot Device - 1TB Drive - Not a crash...

    Hello all, A few months back I got hit with the perfect data nightmare. Long story short - my backups are gone and the only copy of things I want are on a 1TB sata HDD. It was below 10% free space, my screen on the laptop went out - so instead of connecting to a monitor I pulled the drive and...
  31. PrfJennings

    Lenovo U430 boot error, is my HDD dead?

    Hello! My Lenovo U430 is giving me some weird issues. When it boots it would shortly turn off after 4 seconds, after backing it up and using the recovery button on the side to boot into the recovery partition I was able to boot again and install several updates and reboot it. After I turned it...
  32. M

    Windows tablet format without recovery partition

    Hello everyone. I have one windows tablet with 8.1. I tried to formated with wondows 10 but failled when i dont find drivers for my tablet and nothing works correctly. I tried to recovery with system recovery partition but not boot. I tried to do it active with diskpart and no work. And i decide...
  33. vn_mnm

    Please help converting unallocated disk space into Recovery Partition

    Hi everyone, Yesterday, I tried to be a lab rat and bit the M$FT deal to upgrade my Dell XPS 13 2015 from Windows 8.1 Home to Windows 10 Home. I would say I was extremely disappointed. But more problematic was, as I tried to factory reset it to Windows 8.1 using Dell's factory image, when the...
  34. J

    Copying the recovery partition form old HDD connected via USB

    Hi guys, i have a problem. My hard disk started failing and I decided it was time to upgrade to an SSD. Since the old HDD has gotten very slow, cloning the drive takes 862 hours. So i decided to not clone it and do a fresh windows install. But somehow my Asus redovery dvd i bought from the Asus...
  35. Maurdekye

    Yoga 3 Pro Freezes Constantly

    I've had my Yoga 3 Pro for about a year now, and so far it's served me incredibly well. Just recently however, it began freezing randomly during use for no discernable reason. The screen would lock up, any sounds playing would either stop or repeat indefinitely, and I would end up having to...
  36. D

    Removing the Recovery Partition a Windows tablet

    I have a 16gb Windows 8 tablet and I would like to remove the recovery partition to save space (as you know 16gb on windows is impossibly difficult to manage) I have followed all other help that I can find online which usually relates to creating a windows recovery USB using the built in...
  37. ReinhardtU

    How can I get Lenovo recovery partition back on drive.

    Hi, I was cloning my old 240GB SSD to my new 250GB SSD but found afterwards that Windows couldn't see the Lenovo recovery partition anymore and remembered then that I had the same issue long ago when I replaced the 500GB HDD which it came with the first time to an SSD. This time though after...
  38. A

    Still have the big recovery partition, just not the small (first) one. How to use?

    I have a Packard Bell Easynote ENTF71BM here which I was supposed to fix. I figured a fresh reinstall of Windows 8.1 without crapware could be sweet, and I was nice enough (not my laptop) to keep the recovery partition, just in case. But I deleted the first few partitions on disk, the small...
  39. G

    acer 5315 no recovery partition

    need to restore acer aspire 5315 to factory default sold old hard drive as upgraded to 500gb but forgot to do a factory restore backup disc any help on finding a torrent or where to buy disc acer problematic doesnt have buy a 5315 recovery disc option on website
  40. J

    I recently reset my Acer computer to factory settings, thinking it would wipe Windows 10 off and re-install Windows 8. I delet

    I recently reset my Acer computer to factory settings, thinking it would wipe Windows 10 off and re-install Windows 8. I deleted the partition drives, which I believe to be a mistake. i made a recovery media, but at the time that Windows 10 TP was installed. Now I just want to be able to use the...
  41. E

    Toshiba Satelite C850 recovery

    Hi Guys. My Toshiba Satelite HDD crashed as in the Laptop is not detecting the disk at all so recovery partition is not accessible. The recovery disk I made seems to have been damaged as it fails during bootup. Any idea of how I can recover my system?
  42. D

    Recovery from partition

    I have the recovery partition but no disks, doing this for a friend, pain in the $@#&*&, gimme a home brew computer any day, is there any way to create these disks from the partition without the software ?
  43. William Norberg

    Re-install osx recovery (and OSX)

    Hi, i wiped my ssd clean a few months ago and installed Windows 10. I want to use OSX now, but since my OSX recovery partition is gone i can't re-install it. Help plz!!!
  44. S

    Lenovo Thinkpad came with absurd partitions, thinking about reinstalling. Laptop newb questions.

    Purchased Lenovo Thinkpad E450 with 128gb SSD. It arrives with about 68gb of free space because Lenovo has created 5 partitions -- the usual 1gb recovery partition, a 260 mb efi system partition, a 15.51gb additional recovery partition (which is empty), and a 7gb "OEM" partition (also empty)...
  45. CupTheYoutuber

    Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012 Refuses to boot anything but Windows recovery.

    So, I deleted my recovery partition to try to reclaim some of the tiny hard drive on this thing, without reading into it (Stupid, I know) and I ended up bricking the windows install. So I thought, "Oh well, who cares I'll install linux.", and I followed one of the guides. Now, here comes the...
  46. C

    No recovery partition to do a complete system restore

    Hello, Because I had my laptop repaired, it was not until recently that II realized that my system recovery files were no longer present. I had tried the "Copy recovery partition to usb" option when creating a system restore to a usb, but the option was unavailable. When trying to conduct a...
  47. J

    Does Sony Vaio factory restore delete storage partition?

    Hello, I used Partition Wizzard to shrink original partition (where windows is installed) to create new partition for data storage. My question is, will Sony Vaio factory restore wipe storage partition too or it will remain unharm (unwiped) ?
  48. O

    Having trouble booting from recovery partitions? All cominations and methods failing? AN EASY SOLUTION

    Do you have corrupted partitions, and want to do a factory reinstall from your recovery partition, but are finding it nearly impossible to access it? I was having problems installing a fresh copy of windows even with a product key, and even with a few command prompt bypasses during installs...
  49. D

    Help with formatting new laptop

    Hey, First some background: I've bought a new laptop today (Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 14 59426614, and upgraded the HDD to a SSD). This is my first laptop (I always preferred desktop computers and only bought this for studying) so I don't really understand about laptops. I tried bringing it to working...
  50. R

    How to Create a Recovery Partition in OS X

    A computer’s operating system is stored on the computer’s hard drive and is essential in order for the computer to function. Mac users know (or should anyway) that having a backup is a smart idea in case of trouble. That is where a recovery partition comes in. A recovery partition is essentially...
  51. tomsguideUS

    Create a Recovery Disk for Lenovo Windows 8 Laptop

    If you ever find yourself in a situation where your Lenovo laptop’s operating system is compromised or damaged, you can probably recover it just by restoring the PC to factory settings. It is wise to create a recovery disk to do this, so you can restore your laptop from a USB drive even if you...
  52. B

    Removing recovery partition from SSD

    I own a HP 14-074ca Ultrabook which I recently learned has a 28GB mSATA SSD as well as the advertised 1TB HDD (I assumed it should have a hidden SSD being an Ultrabook.,), but the SSD is used as a recovery partition instead as a swap drive. My question is: "Is it feasible to partition the 1TB...
  53. G

    Samsung NP540U3C partitioning problems

    Hello! I just bought a Samsung notebook with preinstalled partitions, but I couldn't install a clean Windows 8 on those partitions, so I thought that deleting them would solve the problem...but it didn't. Every time I am trying to install the Windows again, after the first restart request I get...
  54. C

    Asus XC550CA Clean Install of Win8.1

    My Notebook came with Win8 pre-installed. Without waiting to do a backup, I immediately updated it to 8.1. That altered the location of the recovery partition, so I can't now reset the system. Asus want me to send it back to restore the original system, but I would like to buy a new full version...
  55. W

    Recovery Partition Lost/doesn't appear

    Good afternoon. I bought a new Toshiba L55-A5284, and I didn't create the recovery disk.Trying to partitionate my HDD, I had problems with that, and after this, my Recovery Partition doesn't appear. I have installed Windows 7 on my laptop, to keep using it. I would like to know if there is yet a...
  56. M

    acronis true image recovery partition??

    hi i want to know if anyone has experience with Acronis True Image. I would like to make a backup of my system. I have a ssd and a hdd, so my question is can true the image figure out how to put all things in their own drives or will it leave it all on one drive. can not find any answers on google
  57. T

    Gateway laptop recovery partition help

    Hello, I am helping a friend with her laptop gateway T68 something and her C drive was corrupted. I was able to copy her personal data from the C drive onto another hard drive as well as copy the backup partition. After formatting the old hard drive and repartitioning it, I copied the recovery...
  58. RepoDraghon

    Windows 7 Gateway Laptop Recovery partition not showing up as a drive letter and wont hold a system recovery

    Windows 7 Gateway Laptop Recovery partition not showing up as a drive letter and wont hold any system recovery points. This is the 4th time I have had to restart from Factory Default and it still wont save a system restore point. Please help....
  59. T

    Asus laptop recovery trouble

    So i have an Asus N53SN laptop running windows 7 that just decided to crap out on me yesterday. So i decided to use the recovery partition and restore to factory settings. all went well and the computer was restored and i went through the process of setting up my laptop like a new computer...
  60. O

    I want to format my laptop

    Hello, I want to reinstall Windows on my ASUS N56VZ without the pre-installed applications of ASUS. Can I format the drive "C:\" in my laptop and install a new Windows without affecting the Recovery Partition? Which I can restore my laptop to its original factory settings in the future.