Recovery Disc doesn't recover Windows 7 on ASUS Laptop


Mar 28, 2016
Hello, I have a problem with my ASUS Laptop model K55DR.
When I bought it I made recovery discs, and now my Windows has problem with starting and is very slow.
So i decided to recover Windows 7 to factory settings using Recovery Partition on my HDD, but when i pressed the F9 button, nothing happened, the system has began to run.
I tried several times, nothing. I wondered what could happen, I downloaded GParted LiveCD, burned it and booted. The Recovery Partition was formatted.

So my last rescue were the recovery discs which I made for 3 years ago.
I put them in the recorder, the recovery proces starts but...
After the process ends, my HDD is totally formatted and there are 3 empty partitions, no OS, no Recovery Partition, nothing.

I checked what is on the disc, and all should be OK, there are some .img files and AsusRdvd.00x ( where x - 1,2,3,4 ).

Could someone help me? My Windows 7 version is Home Premium 64 bits

Ending I would like to apologize for my bad english.