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    No Recovery Partition on Toshiba Satellite A305-S6857

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A305-S6857. The model number is PSAG0U-02701V. My OS is Windows Vista 64bit Service Pack 2. I was on the Toshiba Forums and asked if I had a recovery partition on my hard drive because I was trying to reset it back to factory settings. I was told that I have no...
  2. P

    How to activate recovery partition

    I did something wrong on my Asus laptop with uefi boot. Now it does boot from the efi partition, but stops there. With the Windows 8 recovery cd (downloaded on a other computer from the Microsoft website) I manage to reach CMD prompt of the Windows recovery CD. From there i can start DiskPart...
  3. J

    Reinstalling XP on a netbook, hal.dll error

    Hey, I'm fixing an ASUS Eee PC 900SD netbook for someone, and XP needs to be reinstalled. Already wiped the drive, and the recovery partition was gone when I got it. When running a (legit) XP Iso off of my USB flash drive, I get a message saying "hat.dll is missing or corrupt". Not sure what is...
  4. W

    Acer aspire s3 recovery partition (alt f10) doesn't work

    I have had my ultrabook as a dual boot, windows 8 upgraded from windows 7 and Linux on another partition, I deleted the partion to remove Linux, but every time I turn my ultrabook on it asks me to say what os I want to use, only windows 8 is listed. I am wanting to restore my laptop, but when I...
  5. L

    Restoring Factory Default Image from Sony Vaio Notebook

    Hello all. I'm just wondering what I can do with regards to restoring from a recovery partition. I formatted my Vaio notebook a while back, and it essentially became stock Windows 7 with no 'Sony' applications and such. However, my hard drive only has 452 GB space available - and after...
  6. H

    Laptop Keyboard not working during install

    I am trying to re-install windows. I tried from the recovery partition and the keyboard stopped working. I tried a windows 7 boot cd. All went well with the keyboard working up until I needed to type a name in for the computer. It just froze.
  7. tazmo8448

    OS from recovery partition

    I just got a 120GB SSD and would like to know if I can transfer the D:/ Recovery partition that is on my OEM HDD to the SSD using an external HDD so as to boot to it when I install the new drive. I have an HP desktop with Win7x64 Hm Prem. Also I made a system image/backup on the external HDD and...
  8. P

    Trying to make recovery disc's from a recovery partition

    Hello, I am trying to fix a a Toshiba Satellite Laptop. It was Dropped and the hard drive had to be replaced I was able to copy the recovery partition from the hard drive. I want to now create dvd's to use the recovery so I can put the computer back as if straight out of box condition. Can...
  9. P

    How to make recovery discs from a recovery partition.

    Hello, I am trying to fix a a Toshiba Satellite Laptop. It was Dropped and the hard drive had to be replaced I was able to copy the recovery partition from the hard drive. I want to now create dvd's to use the recovery so I can put the computer back as if straight out of box condition. Can...
  10. 7

    Anyone have an ASUS A53E ???

    Well, obviously when i first got my laptop, the first thing i did after having a quick mess about with it was to completely format the drive and re-install windows. But there was 1 single prgram that came with the laptop that i cant find anywhere.....Looked all over the net, check the asus...
  11. F


    Hello, I Have a gateway nv55c with a recovery partition the os was win 7 home the onlydisk i had was 7 pro and it worked for 30 days and now the key does not work because it is pro. i cannot access the original recovery partition, i tried tapping f-11, f-10, left alt + f-10, in bios it has D2D...
  12. gggirlgeek

    How to extract original drivers from recovery partition on Acer

    Hi, Does anyone know how to extrat the original drivers from the recovery partition on an Acer One netbook and save them? I want to re-partition an Aspire one D260 and install Win7 Ultimate retail. (I have other backup methods.) However, from what I've read, some of the drivers on Acer's...
  13. M

    Asus eeepc 1015 reinstall Windows 7

    I no longer have the recovery partition that came on my ASUS eeepc 1015PEM. There's no DVD drive. How can I reformat the entire hard drive, wipe out the partitioning and reinstall Windows 7 from USB port?
  14. N

    Toshiba L505 es-5018 recovery media download

    Hello, i have toshiba l505 es-5018 i formated the recovery partition by mistake and now i want to restore my laptop to its orginial state can any one help me
  15. W

    How to manually create recovery dvd from recovery partition

    I have a sony vaio vpcs131fm. I was booting it with bt5 but recently wanted to just go back to the computers factory settings and start all over again. Some where with the grub loader or the bt5 installation my vaio recovery options stopped working. I have tried the F1o option when i turn on the...
  16. N

    Anyone know how to enter the recovery partition on a gateway ML3109?

    I have a Gateway MD2614U, the keystroke for mine is ALT-F10. Noah
  17. O

    New Asus AI recovery utility not working

    My new Asus U56E has a utility to create recovery DVDs. When I launch it, it responds with "Recovery partition does not exist." In disk manager I can see this partition & in "computer" I can see the drive & the files in it. Windows boot manager (F9) at boot does not show the option of Windows...
  18. P

    Laptop taking hours just to get to POST screen

    Hello, Please note that I am NOT talking about the long Windows boot times encountered because of malware, registry problems, etc. This is even before the initial BIOS screen comes up. An friend of mine had some problems with his Toshiba Satellite A305-S6905 laptop and took it to someone who...
  19. G

    Recovery partitions

    hi all 1- Ifound the recovery partition has 10 gb and its free is that a problem ? 2- how the create recovery disc works if it take a copy from my c partition and baste it on recovery partition or in the 3 cd's 3- how it work after the laptop damage when i recover c: drive . thanks
  20. A

    Windows 7 Backup and Restore is not seeing ALL partitions ...

    I want to use Windows 7's Backup and Restore functionality to create a backup system image which backs up ALL partitions on my computer. Currently I have 4 partitions on my system (with their specifics given as well, which were taken from Disk Management). They appear in this order in Disk...
  21. U

    What will the hidden recovery

    Evidently there is a hidden recovery partition on my MSI laptop which I assume will reinstall the original factory Vista OS back to new. Which I want to do because Im giving it to a friend. I just want to know if that is the best way to do it. I bought it new and they dont come with a recovery...
  22. B

    OS from recovery partition

    Hi Just got a hp g62-456tu notebook with win7 home premium 64 preinstalled. I would like some advise on how to retrieve a bootable dvd with just the win7 OS from the infernal recovery partition.
  23. C

    Solved! Issue with accessing the recovery partition on the Sony VAIO VGN-NR120

    I have a Sony VAIO VGN-NR120E laptop computer that seems to still have its recovery partition intact. I believe this to be true because while performing a mock Windows XP installation the recovery partition was listed. Out of its total 7+ GB size less than 1GB was left. However, I cannot access...
  24. V

    Solved! Acer Recovery Partition

    Hello, My Acer is so slow it often out before opening something, I want to restore to its original settings, how can I do that?
  25. J

    Solved! Cleaning out a laptop

    I'm selling my old XPS M1710 and I'd like to make sure I wipe it clean of personal info. I would do a clean Windows install, but I don't have a recovery disk anymore. Is there any other reliable way to ensure I wipe it of personal data? It came from the factory with PCRestore installed on a...
  26. G

    Acer aspire 5534 recovery partition

    Hello, i got new computer and trying to make recovery disk, 1st disk burn to 100% then trying to verify and stuck at 20%, try twice and happened same again..any help?
  27. luketmk

    Solved! Asus G73 A1 reinstall windows with out bloatware

    Good day: Just got my ASUS G73 Yesterday. As expected, it came loaded with Bloatwares. The computer did not ship with a windows 7 DVD and the only way to reset it back to factory default is to do it from the recovery partition which will install the Bloatwares if i do that. Can Anyone suggest...
  28. N

    Solved! Deleted hidden recovery partition

    what happen if i have accidentally deleted the hidden recovery partition??? is there any solution to get back the hidden recovery partition? what should i do? will i have problem when i want to format my hard drive? or can i get back my genuine win7 after format?? (i don't have the win7 disc...
  29. G

    Solved! How to restore orinal os from recovery partition in windows7

    Hello, Now installed windows 7 ultimate , but have received windows 7 home premium 64 bit OS. This OS having recovery partion without drive letter but now how to resore my original operating system. I dont have a os or driver DVD's.
  30. S

    Solved! Question about recovery partition

    I feel dumb for asking this question, but I'm confused about the recovery partition on my Asus P50 laptop. I know what a partition is, but I'm not quite understanding a few things. My assumption was that there would be a c: and d:, one of the drives would contain the recovery files, other would...
  31. G

    Solved! Asus Recovery Partition

    I want to upgrade my HD from a 160GB to a higher capacity. How do I ensure that the Recovery Partition appears on my new drive..??
  32. S

    Gateway recovery partition Vista

    Hello, sufferers of Windows and other %^&*( Though the question had been asked before in a similar way I want to bring the subject up again. I bought a refurbished Gateway notebook which works quite OK though it runs hotter than I like. Now I try to make recovery discs but I cannot spot any...
  33. D

    Anyone know how to enter the recovery partition on a gateway ML3109?

    Gateway Ml3109 Laptop - Vista I know it has it because I was just going to reinstall the operating system and saw it there. When I boot it only gives me 3 options: Boot menu F2 Bios settings F10 PXE Boot F12 I can't do anything in the bios but select the boot device not the partition. Boot...
  34. K

    Sony vaio recovery partition appears empty.(solved)

    I bought a Vaio NW series and I for my own good I burned recovery DVDs... After that I tried to locate the hidden recovery partition by system managment... that I saw was that the partition space is 12Gb but the free space in this partision is also 12gb... Is this usual? It is possible after...
  35. J

    Acer Aspire 4315 /Alt F10 / PQSERVICE / Recovery Partition/ HELP!

    Acer Aspire 4315 / Windows Vista Home Basic Attempting Factory Restore via Hidden PQservice Partition Hard drive (C) prev formatted and Vista Reinstalled (somehow) but now corrupt due to Viruses / Addware / Spyware PQservice Partition still present and in tact. Have exhausted every...
  36. mithrandir726

    OS Not Found error

    I'm having some trouble with a notebook. It's a Compaq V6305NR. When I boot the computer, it POSTs, then immediately comes up with "Operating System Not Found." It also won't boot into the built-in recovery partition. I removed the hard drive and plugged it in to my desktop. The Windows folders...
  37. D

    ThinkPad W500

    Hi, I recently purchased a Thinkpad W500 and it came with Windows XP SP2 on the recovery partition. My restore disc and the current operating system on the machine is Vista Business 32. I was wandering if it is possible to update the OS on the service partition to Vista Business?
  38. H

    Windows media center (02) Drivers/application recovery CD

    I accidentally formatted my HD and lost the recovery partition, which basically had all the drivers and applications that my pc came with. Unfortunately without those drivers I'm screwed...and to top it all off, the drivers I need aren't posted on gateway's support website >_< So does anyone...