Oct 14, 2012
Hello, I Have a gateway nv55c with a recovery partition the os was win 7 home the onlydisk i had was 7 pro and it worked for 30 days and now the key does not work because it is pro. i cannot access the original recovery partition, i tried tapping f-11, f-10, left alt + f-10, in bios it has D2D recovery and i enable it to no avail. I looked at gateways site and it is a bad joke. i search and cannot find similar situation. any suggestion would be appreciated thank you
what are you trying to do? if your trying to recover from the partition and it is not allowing you to do so, you may have corrupted the restore partition. or you let the 30 days expire and you have no choice but to reinstall or purchase a legal license. Either way, it may be best to contact gateway for original disks (usually a minimal fee) and once your back up and running, make sure you make a set of recovery disks before you do anything else.