Samsung NP540U3C partitioning problems

Gogu Gigel

Jul 26, 2014

I just bought a Samsung notebook with preinstalled partitions, but I couldn't install a clean Windows 8 on those partitions, so I thought that deleting them would solve the problem...but it didn't. Every time I am trying to install the Windows again, after the first restart request I get the "All boot options are tried. Press F4 key to recover the factory image using recovery or any other keys for the next boot loop configuration." I found some guides regarding this message like setting the Secure Boot on Disabled and setting the Boot OS to CMS and UEFI but I got no results.

I know that I can't get back the Recovery Partition that I deleted but that means that I can't do anything to make it work? Is there ANY other to install the Windows again?

Thank you!