Question recovering abandoned laptop, Bitlocker issue

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Jul 3, 2023
I've inherited a Dell Latitude 7430 with W10 that has Bitlocker installed. I have no documentation at all, so no recovery passwords.

I want to format and re-install Windows with no Bitlocker. I've gone to BIOS and made the USB with the install the first boot option, and that works. But when following the prompts to install, when I am asked what drive to format the option area is empty. It suggests loading drivers.

I have gone to Command Prompt and am able to see the C: drive and it's four partitions there.

I can see the Bitlocker ID in Command Prompt but the password does not display.

I'm at a loss how to get Windows to install. Help? Please?


Sorry, this question falls into this category:

Abandoned and inherited are two very different words and we have no means to verify the legal ownership of the device in question.

Closing this thread.
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