Sony Vaio E14P Recovery Partition Deleted, Can not install windows.


Feb 22, 2014
Long story short my main pc is held up right now (issues with a part, dealing with manufacture on component)

So I was looking on a local for sale site and purchased a Sony Vaio laptop that the person stated in the ad they can not install windows after deleting the Sony recovery Partition, tried everything and now selling. I figured it would be an easy fix and bought the laptop.. I was wrong and can not figure this out.

Sony Vaio E14P Model: SVE14AG18L / SVE14A37CDH

I installed my windows 8 cd and it comes up with an error: No operating system found

I than read online that if I put the computer in legacy mode I would be able to install windows, which I put the laptop in legacy mode and did install windows. After installing windows and booting up the fan goes wide open, things are not acting correct and I believe it is because all sony drivers are gone.

When I go back into the bios and turn legacy back off the computer once again will not boot|: no operating system found.

I tried to download recovery software from sony but had no luck, I was hoping I could some how install the sony recovery partition back on the hdd. So far I have gotten no wheres.

Any help would be great!


Vibeo Liery

Dec 23, 2015

No issues as you are successful in installing OS, try searching driver online as you can find the drivers for your laptop on official site: