Lenovo U430 boot error, is my HDD dead?


Apr 13, 2012

My Lenovo U430 is giving me some weird issues.

When it boots it would shortly turn off after 4 seconds, after backing it up and using the recovery button on the side to boot into the recovery partition I was able to boot again and install several updates and reboot it. After I turned it off however it went right back to the old problem. If I boot into the recovery partition, then reboot it out of that, I get back into windows.

I've disabled the UEFI boot and secure boot as well as windows "fast boot"

Also, upon switching to legacy boot mode, every so often I get a error message saying

"Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Series v2.55a
PXE-EG1: Media test failure, check cable."

I assume this is the PC bypassing every other device and attempting to network boot.

What I don't understand is how I can get the PC to boot after I boot up the recovery partition.

Thank you in advance.

The error that you're actually getting has something to do with your HDD. (PXE-EG1: Media test failure, check cable) What you can also try to to set your HDD in BIOS as the first boot device and while your in BIOS run a SMART test as well that should tell you if it's really the HDD if it fails. I've read some forums about this and most of them ended up getting a new HDD and reinstalling windows in it.