Unigine Valley Not Launching

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Muaz Hassan

Aug 10, 2013
This is quite a strange one, recently I used to open this program regularly on even the extreme HD preset and it worked perfectly but for some reason when I open the program now the api is locked to opengl and i cant change it when I go to run it i get the following error message:

can't run "./main_x64 -project_name "null" -data_path "../" -engine_config "../data/valley_1.0.cfg" -system_script "valley/unigine.cpp" -sound_app "openal" -video_app opengl -video_multisample 3 -video_fullscreen 1 -video_mode 6 - extern_define ",RELEASE,LANGUAGE_EN,QUALITY_ULTRA" -extern_plugin ",GPUMonitor""process

My specs are the following

i7 3770k

gtx 660

8gb ddr3 ram

500gb hdd

Im guessing this might have something to do with my advanced system care program as i use it quite a lot to for registry defrag and other stuff. in the log file it says Engine::init(): can't initialize filesystem


Not open for further replies.