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  1. A

    How to use a Java library?

    So I got into Java and I know all the stuff about classes, interfaces, methods, abstract methods, modifiers, control statements, variables, etc. I got IntelliJ and started a new project to test out and explore LWJGL and how to use it. I downloaded the library, and copied and pasted the sample...
  2. S

    Is my OpenGL version updated?

    Hi, good evening. Like the tittle says, I would like to know if my version of OpenGL is updated since I believe that the one I have is obsolote. My current version of OpenGL is 1.4. I have a SONY VAIO notebook model number VPCW120AL. Here's the support page in case anybody is interested...
  3. A

    minecraft switchable graphic card

    how to switch intel HD4000 graphic card to Amd 7650, my game run on avg 50fps on intel but i cannot run smoothly if i install any resource pack or shader pack any one plz tell me how to switch graphic card from intel to amd. . my laptop specs i5 2.5Ghz 3rd gen 8Gb DDR3 ram intel Hd 4000 & Amd...
  4. Jair885

    Help with OpenGl

    Hello. I have a problem. I just downloaded cs 1.6 and soldier of fortune 2 and i need to have OpenGl installed for them to run, so i have been looking up and it seems that i need to have my drivers up to date. Which i have according to windows update. I even went to Intel...
  5. Flashthepyro

    OpgenGL GSL support not working anymore?

    Hey all, So i got this old laptop (Acer Aspire 5630) of a friend of mine, he wanted a new OS on it (went from vista 32bit to 8.1 64) and disable all the not-needed stuff to have it run better. Anyway, It uses a Intel GMA 950 as GPU. Now i installed W8.1 i checked the specs, (the laptop is 64...
  6. L

    Asus ROG G501, Fn+brightness NOT WORKING and NVIDIA Driver Problem

    Last week just bought this Asus ROG G501(FullHD Ver, i7, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GTX960m 2GB) for work/gaming. At first I was thinking buying this lappie back and will be no problem happily forever cause is new, but then after when back home I on,setup, window updates ,drivers update. And I try render...
  7. B

    Dell Inspiron 15 5547 OpenGL issue

    My laptop has 1920 x 1080 screen but I noticed when I run an OpenGL program full screen (like in games), the resolution is cut down to 1536 x 864. There does not seem to be any where in the graphics settings this can be changed.Any advice most welcome.
  8. KenKraken

    what does API means?

    i have heard this word a lot what does it mean?
  9. Vitric9

    Cinebench OpenGL render issue..

    I did look up the error message but I could not find out why I would get the OpenGL error message basically saying i canot run that benchmark and then it still runs after ,quite fluidly.
  10. C

    Toshiba Windows 8 OpenGL Problems

    My problem is that my favorite games require an OpenGL driver and I can't find anyone on the Internet the even thinks they know what this is. Can ANYONE help me? I'm running a: Toshiba Sattleite C55-A5220, with an Intel processor, on a 64-bit operation system. 4GB RAM, Intel Celeron CPU 1037U...
  11. V

    C++ OpenGL, SDL 2.0 Error While Trying to Load PNG Files

    Every time I try to run my program, it gives me a reading violation when it reaches glTexImage2D. This is my code: unsigned int loadImage(string filename, bool alpha = true) { // You should probably use CSurface::OnLoad ... ;) //-- and make sure the Surface pointer is good! unsigned int id...
  12. B

    wondering about OpenGL

    Hey I recently installed battlefield 3 and VLC gave me an error and crashed soon as the game loaded, upon googling what the issue was, I found the game does not like to share its directx with anything and thus vlc cant output using its default method. The fix people recommended was using OpenGL...
  13. S

    OpenGL & Switchable graphics problem

    Hello! I have a Dell 15R 5521 with switchable graphics (Intel HD 4000 & AMD 8730m). Fixed graphics mode is not available on BIOS. Problem is, when I assign AutoCAD (which is an OpenGL app) to high performance profile on Catalyst, dedicated GPU is not enabled and AutoCAD runs on the integrated...
  14. M

    Unigine Valley Not Launching

    This is quite a strange one, recently I used to open this program regularly on even the extreme HD preset and it worked perfectly but for some reason when I open the program now the api is locked to opengl and i cant change it when I go to run it i get the following error message: can't run...
  15. F

    Which video editing program supports OPENGL well?

    I will buy an AMD card soon and of course, it doesn't support CUDA. :D So please tell me which Video Editing software supports OPENGL well because I cannot choose the two best: - Sony Vegas PRO 12 because my computer has window XP :pt1cable: (crazy) - Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 because they...
  16. Pyroflea

    OpenGL Tutorials for Linux?

    I've been programming on and off in my spare time for years now. I've made nothing spectacular, but have made a few small apps of relative use. I've always dreamed of created video games as well. Now first things first. I don't expect to create any masterpieces or enormous games. I just want to...
  17. bcknee

    OpenGL vs DirectX

    Short and simple question whats better DirectX or OpenGL at their latest versions?
  18. Geri

    TitaniumGL (if OpenGL not working on computer)

    oh hi. TitaniumGL for gamers is an OpenGL driver for multiple GPU-s, created by me. If you has problem with OpenGL support on computer, becouse of some strange driver bug, or your vga card does not support it, but it support direc3d, TitaniumGL will resolve your problem. TitaniumGL is a directx...
  19. exfileme

    Android 2.x Devices Getting OpenGL ES

    Google's new Android Native Developer Kit supports OpenGL ES 2.0. Android 2.x Devices Getting OpenGL ES : Read more
  20. exfileme

    OpenGL 3.1 Officially Released

    The Khronos Group unloaded the specs from the just-released OpenGL 3.1., adding texture buffer objects, signed normalized textures and more. OpenGL 3.1 Officially Released : Read more
  21. K

    Best laptop for 3D OpenGL graphics?

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I want to use a laptop for use with AutoCAD and Solidworks. What are the best choices in laptops for such applications?
  22. G

    OpenGL problem on Sony Z1VA

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops, (More info?) I recently bought a Sony VAIO Z1VA with XP Home preinstalled. It came equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon graphics. The ATI Radeon details: --- OpenGL ATI Radeon 7000 DDR x86/SSE2 Version 1.3.3413 WinXP Release Video...
  23. G

    Quake 3 HELP!!!! Hosed OPenGL

    Somehow Q3 just stopped working. I can see the first ID screen but no logo movement. When I try to exit it alerts me... NVOPENGL.DLL missing! I uninstalled-reinstalled Q3 several times with no luck. Even did the same for my detonator 6.5 driver. What hosed that file and how do I fix it? I...