Unique soundbar connection question

Aug 3, 2018
I have a mancavebarn outbuilding - no wired connections - fed from wifi from main house. New SmartTV (Samsung NU7100), Soundbar (Samsung HW-MS650) and Sony DTR650 receiver. I want to be able to use Youtube and Amazon Prime from the TV but cant see a way to ARC from TV to Soundbar AND receiver. Do I need to split the HDMI/ARC from the receiver out to connect to both TV and Soundbar ARC in?
I agree with jsmithpa. Use the better of the two.
If there is a reason you have to use both then you could split the optical output of the TV and connect it to both or get an HDMI-ARC audio extractor. They usually have optical and coax digital audio and analog audio output. Connect the optical to the soundbar and coax to the receiver. Quality will be the same either way.
Soundbars are meant to be used stand-alone with TV. Receivers are meant to be used with discrete passive traditional speakers.

If you have no other components, sources to hookup, perhaps think do without receiver, certainly removes a variable.
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