Unroot samsung galaxy s2


Feb 10, 2012

i want to know how to unroot sgs2 .

can anyone point to as specific link which will be easy.

i use the xwdd series kernal (in india)

can you unroot the device using another kernal.

so many questions and very little time.

appericiate if you help.

i am a bit noobish on this topic .

help me !!

why do you want to unroot your phone? the only reason i can think of is for repair as rooting voids the warranty if i am not mistaken.

you will need a backup copy of the original stock rom or a downloaded copy of the stock rom and this needs to be installed. as far as unrooting i believe its possible but i'm not sure of the exact process.

you might want to poke your head around xdaforums or do a google search for how to unroot an android phone.