Unsupported File Format

Krystal Gale

Aug 7, 2016

What were the files that turned into "unsupported" before that happened?

A virus has nothing to gain from wrecking your files unless it demands money from you to decrypt whatever they've encrypted but I don't think that's happening here because your files show as having zero bits - no size at all. That said, it's adviseable to run your anti-virus scans in these circumstances and download a stronger utility for this occasion - MalwareBytes is a good one. Find the free version at http://www.malwarebytes.org and decline the offer of a free thirty day trial of the better version.

Can you also please press your Windows key and R together then in the Run box, type
and hit Enter. Scroll through the alphabetic list of Services down to the Volume Shadow Copy Service then right click on it and select Properties. Does it show as being Started and is it Automatic? If so, you might be able to recover any data you've lost.