Upgrading Acer Aspire e5 573g 52g3 Motherboard?

Aug 15, 2018
I do casual gaming (LoL, Fortnite, RB6, etc) and what sprung me to get a couple upgrades was that it randomly slowed down hardcore, Fortnite would barely run (though there wasn't ever any lag on low graphics settings), and league was buggy.. So I did a reset (keeping files) and when I did that and cleaned a bunch of software out I opened fortnite and now its unplayable from stuttering lag. I have the game port warded getting around 10-15 ping, I have good internet speed and a great router so it has to be the computer.

*Pardon the ignorance*(I'm new to any type of hardware upgrading)

I have the Acer Aspire e5 573g 52g3.

I have just ordered 16GB of Gskill Ram (2x8 @1600), and a 250 GB SSD (Crucial)to put in it.

I found the motherboard out of the Acer Aspire e5 573g which is the model with an I7 in it (instead of my lightning fast I5 clocking in at a WHOPPING 2.2mhz).

So my question is, is the MOBO a simple plug and play swap?

(I found https://www.ebay.com/itm/Acer-Aspire-E5-573-Intel-UMA-i7-5500U-Motherboard-DA0ZRTMB6D0-NB-MVH11-004/382505038984?hash=item590f13b488:g:zIoAAOSwq4VbNRYW and others like it)

I just figure its a cheaper route to get better performance, ill build my own laptop one day, but due to finances, it wont be today.